Cloud Computing


Cloud computing refers to location independent computing, in which shared servers provide resources, software and other essential data to PC’s and other devices on demand. In its most basic explanation, it’s renting space from a company that hosts servers for you and you use their online interface. It’s a rapidly spreading concept through the IT world with some innovative start-ups and well established vendors alike providing many options for clients to choose from. Benefits of cloud computing include significant cost savings, increased storage, highly automated and flexibility.

The experienced team at Miller would be happy to help take your Silicon Valley business to the cloud. We partner with top tier cloud computing providers, known for their fanatical service. Don’t fall for promises from no-name cloud hosting companies. They are not all alike.

On the plus side for cloud computing, you are not depreciating an asset. It is a rental of resources. You also do not have to pay to maintain the server. One of the most popular cloud computing applications is hosted Microsoft Exchange for your company’s email and calendaring. Exchange can be expensive to maintain on premise, but we can offer you a low cost per user/month price with a high-degree of uptime while saving your company money.

On the minus side, you need to find the right break even quantity for the rental fees as compared to the ownership. Most cloud computing providers use a “per user” model. At some point it makes fiscal sense to own and maintain the server. In addition, some services do not translate well to the cloud, based on your available bandwidth.

It is crucial to select a reliable organization to assist you with exploring your options and assisting with implementation. At Miller Networks, our highly trained technicians will help to guide you along the way and steer you in the right direction. We can conduct a no cost analysis of your needs and lay out the benefits and costs.

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