Industry Solutions


Miller Networks provides a range of specialized services for important business categories. We have the expertise from our years of experience working with contractors, insurance brokers and legal offices.

Contracting Companies:
The construction and manufacturing industries have technology and software challenges that are unique. These challenges include project management, payroll, time attendance and tracking, job costing and profitability, cash flow and forecasting. Miller Networks understands the critical function of the computer network in this industry. We focus on everything from data security to communication between the job site and home office. Miller Networks delivers high value IT services for construction contractors of all stripes.

We are experts in the setup of computer networks in the field as well as your office. We understand your challenges and are here to support you with IT services for construction contractors. Below is a list of some of the applications and technologies we help with:

  • Maxwell Systems
  • Microsoft Project
  • AutoCad and large document handling
  • Email & Internet content filtering and reporting
  • Office Phone Systems
  • Smart phone integration

Insurance Brokers:
Insurance offices manage a large amount of data and must have high availability and speed of access. We design our services to support your needs for case management, mobile computing environments and seamless security.

We have the expertise to help your office function smoothly and securely. The list below is some of the areas that we specialize in supporting your office:

  • Applied Systems TAM
  • Microsoft Office
  • Document management and archival
  • Email & Internet content filtering and reporting
  • Office Phone Systems
  • Mobile computing support for appraisers.

Legal Offices:
Miller Networks is also a specialist in legal IT support. We understand the importance of billable hours and why it is critical for each hour to be captured and billed correctly. Whether your legal practice bills by the hour or a flat fee, every second counts. With our legal industry knowledge and experience with legal software, such as Abacus,Miller Networks helps you stay up and running so that you can easily and consistently document time entry and time management. Miller Networks provides outsourced IT support including:

  • Practice Management Applications like Abacus Systems
  • Document Management Systems like The Box
  • Remote Connectivity
  • Secure Extranets to Share Client Files

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