Network Security


Small and Medium sized business networks are increasingly targeted by overwhelming flow of cyber attacks from criminals and hackers. Network Security service by Miller Networks deliver comprehensive security assessment and implementation services that can help your company conform to best IT security practices.

Our technicians can show you how to assess the IT physical security, network security and application security. Implementing network security best practices with Miller Networks can significantly reduce online threats to your critical business assets.

We can design and implement highly secured multi-tiered architecture solutions that will strengthen the security of the Windows Server domain environment, the desktop PC environment and cloud computing environment. The firewalls will be configured properly for port filtering, forwarding, port and network translation and TCP/IP packet inspection. The VPN Tunnels will be properly encrypted and your Windows servers and PC desktops will be tightly locked up.

Additional implementation services are also available for deploying security recommendation and solutions. We can also help secure your mobile devices and get rid of 99.9% of spam and 100% of viruses that get delivered by email and downloaded from websites.

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